Introduction of Collection

The word perfume comes from the Latin word 'parfumare', which means 'through smoke'. Perfume started long before there were fancy spray bottles to place it in, and movie stars to endorse it. Long ago, essential oils, flowers, herbs, and many other things were used to create perfume for religious ceremonies and rituals, and celebratory events like weddings and births, and even deaths.

This perfume named Cucci Bloom, which under the famous brand Cucci. It is a very famous female perfume which capturing the rich scent of a thriving garden filled with an abundance of flowers. This perfume is belongs to my girlfriend and it is her favorite.

ZARA-Rose Gold could be the one my girlfriend owned that i favorite. She bought it earlier this year. I love the bottle of this perfume more than the flavor. The flavor of it is not bad as well, it has the flavor of the scent reveals notes of magnolia, gardenia and amber.

Me and my girlfriend bought this one in Melbourne last year and we loved it so much. It's called Burberry-Sheer. It has a very unique flavor which attracted us so much. The flavor of this perfume made up by Bright Yuzu, Pineapple Leaves, Litchi, Mandarin, Grapes, Pink Peony, Peach Blossom, Nashi, White Musk and Creamy Amyris Woods.

Maison MArgiela has a very popular female perfume called Flower Market. Lots of flowers flavor combined together then make up this perfume, it have crushed leaves, freesia, sambac jasmine, jasmine infusion, tuberose infusion, Grasse rose, peach, cedarwood and oak moss. This perfume could be the most used by my girlfriend.

Versace Dylan Blue is the first perfume that i bought in Melbourne. I heard this brand from my first roommate, and we bought it when we go shopping 2 years ago. This aromatic fougere fragrance has a blend of water notes, lime, pepper, ambrox, violet leaf, tonka bean, papyrus wood, and ceder. I love it so so much.

David Beckham Respect Cologne is the one that i bought when it was released. I love David Beckham more than this perfume. The smell of this perfume is not so good that I fall in love with it. Bought it only because David.

This perfume called Terre d'Herm├Ęs, it is one of my favorite perfumes. I fell in love with it the first time not only because the smeel of it but also the design of the bottle cap.It smells like the strength of citrus fruits and peppers combined with a note of flint reveal the trace of earth.

This perfume was a gift from my mother, it's called Dior Homme Sport. The flavor of this perfume is my favorite, better than any of my perfume. It smells like juice at the begining and the flavor could keep a very long time on the clothes.